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Welcome to my projects page! From I'll be putting some interesting work that I have have been happy to be a part of. 

Urban Legends Exposé


"How are there so many witnesses to a creature that scientists have yet to discover? Could giant apes really be roaming the wilderness of North America, or is this one of the biggest hoaxes in the world? Join us for the backstory, witness testimonies, conspiracies, hoaxes, and more about one of the most popular cryptids, Bigfoot." - Bad Day HQ; Partners In Motion.


The All Around Project

So happy to have worked on this beautifully produced, multiple award-winning documentary, about the Kalahari Desert and the animals that frequent it. It was written and directed by Chris Fischer and I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be the narrator. It was amazing!

Optimedia Windows & Doors


Deathtrap Snowboard

By Burton & Liquid Death

"Whatever you do, do not ride the new Deathtrap snowboard from Liquid Death and Burton. With no sidecut, no camber, and no rocker, this board is so extreme even pros can’t ride it." - Liquid Death

Car Spec Project

Director: Brian Pineda

So happy to have worked on this car spec project with director and editor Brian Pineda (IG: @bmarananpineda) for his reel. It was so so beautifully done! Thank you for the opportunity, Brian!

Tear Fund

Big Church Festival Celebration

A film shown at the end of the charity, Tear Fund's, Big Church festival celebrating everything people have done to support the charity.

The Alleyway Podcast


The Alleyway Podcast is to be the second season of the Alleyman Podcast (a fictitious podcast discussing modern mythologies) written, directed, and produced by Seven Dane Asmund.

Urban Legends Exposé

Bermuda Triangle

"The mysterious Bermuda Triangle has captivated people for years, invoking theories of vortexes that interfere with technology, aliens, giant sea creatures, and a curse. Can science explain the Triangle or could it be something paranormal that brings down ships and planes?" - Bad Day HQ; Partners In Motion.

Ideology | RimWorld Console Edition (Release Trailer)

So happy to be the male voice for the release trailer for Ideology
| RimWorld Console Edition
made by Double Eleven (

Urban Legends Exposé

The Legend of the Wendigo

"Originating in North America, tales of the Wendigo have been shared by the native peoples for centuries. Is it a myth, a beast, a spirit, or something else?" - Bad Day HQ; Partners In Motion.

The Alleyman Podcast

 A fictitious podcast discussing modern mythologies, written, directed, and produced by Seven Dane Asmund of Publishing Goblin, LLC. In it, Professor Okoye researches and discusses modern mythology in the urban environment. This is episode 1 of 12.  Links to the others are below:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:
Episode 9:

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

Episode 12: ​

Episode 13:

Craving A King: Sexy Sovereign Book 1

On "...a hot, steamy, international, contemporary romance featuring a strong, smart heroine and the cocky king who steals her heart.


Determined to develop schools across his country, Kofi Ajyei, the twentieth king of the Ashanti, seeks out enterprising education consultant Ella Jenkins. But he never expects to fall for her… A steamy royal romance that kicks off a new series!" - written by Louise Lennox.


Burkina Faso Harvest Film

A short film sharing about how climate change is affecting the land in Burkina Faso and how your church can help.

When You Go to Bed

"What happens after you go to bed, and all the work your parents REALLY do!" - Five Stories Small.


A short, children's story of five beautiful stories from, written by Matthew Doerner-Miller  (When You Go to Bed was illustrated by Dusse Bui).

Indigo Gallery

Indigo Gallery: Part of Sleepcasts from Headspace. "Similar to bedtime stories, sleepcasts take you on an audio-guided tour of a dreamy environment, whether that’s a Californian desert at night or a beautifully tranquil lakeside lodge." - Headspace

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